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TPOS: Trash American Style's In- House Label

Before there was Trash the store, there was TPOS, the label. Since 1984 we've been releasing records, tapes & CDs that we like. All of the titles listed below are in print and available now. If you want to buy some fine TPOS product using our secure onl go here.


     7" Singles: ($3.00 each unless noted)

          TPOS 080: ANTI-SEEN/BLUE-GREEN GODS split 4 songs. 1000 pressed. First 500 on clear vinyl, second 500 on black vinyl. The last 200 come in an envelope sleeve.

                 TPOS 107: BOBBY "Clear The Corner" 4 song flexi $2.00 4 British cops go to Los Angeles and learn how to kill civilians more efficiently. Then they form a punk band and write songs about their experiences. Some say they are really former BUNNYBRAINS and HAVOHEJ and SKINCRAWLER. We take the fifth.

          TPOS 112: HARVEY SID FISHER "Party Hard" 3 song 7" EP $3.50. Golf songs and jokes were merely a prelude. Astrology songs were only the beginning. Now  HARVEY SID FISHER has 3 topical tunes for you. "Party Hard", "Country Scat", and "Tell Your Story Walkin'"! Their titles only clue you in to how wonderful these songs are. First pressing of 500 comes with a different sleeve then future pressings. See also TPOS 106.

          TPOS 120: AGATHOCLES/PP7 GAFTZEB  $4.00. This record is practically out of print, but try your luck anyway...

          TPOS 123: THOR "Search And Destroy" 4.00. THOR! Former Mr. Canada + Mr. USA! THOR! Bender of steel bars... ruptor of hot water bottles.... smasher of cinder blocks! THOR! The original rock warrior! THOR! Composer of some of the catchiest, hookiest HEAVY METAL these mortal ears have ever heard! He's toured the globe, had Top Ten records, ansd now he has a limited edition single on TPOS! 300 pressed and that's IT! GET NOW!!!



     12" Records

          TPOS 092: ANTI-SEEN "Eat More Possum" 12 song LP $10.00 / TP $6.00. Special colored vinyl, silk screened cover LP (300 made). Specially remastered to give you the biggest blast ever.


     CDs and Cassettes: (Cassettes $3.50 each unless noted, CD's are $8.00 unless noted. All come with black and white artwork unless noted. All cassettes dubbed in real time on CrO2 tapes. All titles available on CD or cassette.)

          TPOS 009: "Music to Kill Brain Cells" by IT'S ALL MEAT, TRASH MONKEYS, GREGOR SAMSA EXPERIENCE, NO TALENT, VERBAL CIRCUS, LOS PERROS  GUAPOS. 27 songs, 60 min. Abrasive, distorted, yowling high wierdness and punk! From future members of BUNNY BRAINS + HARRY PUSSY.

          TPOS 010: "Florida vs. The Rest Of The World" by F, BROKEN TALENT, ASBESTOS ROCKPYLE, GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE, etc. 24 songs, 60 min. Lots of good diverse hardcore, punk, etc. in a package with flyers, stickers and more.

          TPOS 012: "Political Whether You Like It Or Not" by MORBID OPERA, INVADERS FROM SEARS, NO MILK ON TUESDAY, PRESSURE RELEASE, BUNNYBRAINS, EG THE POET, CLOSET FULL OF FEAR, INCIPIENT DOSE, KING HATREDS, etc. 24 songs, 60 min. Straight edge, trashy sleeze, power noise, drug core, vintage hardcore, pop noise, white boy rap... this tape has it all. CLOSET FULL OF FEAR later spawned HED and MONSTERLAND. Comes with booklet.

          TPOS 015: CHARLES MANSON "Lie" 14 songs, 45 min. Includes music taped in 1968 and an interview recorded in 1981. See also TPOS 032, 084, 091.

          TPOS 016: REV HOWARD FINSTER 60 min. World famous folk artist and preacher from worlds beyond the light of the sun explains his mission on Earth. Look for his works on the TALKING HEADS "Little Creatures" album cover and on various R.E.M. album covers. See also TPOS 090.

          TPOS 017: BROKEN TALENT "Good, Bad, Awful" 24 songs, 60 min. Everything ever released by Florida's legendary arbiters of HANGCORE. Remixed and remastered for optimum sound.

          TPOS 018: EG THE POET "Our Heavenly Father's Plan" 60 min. Before he was in the BUNNYBRAINS, EG was repulsing audiences on his own. Very bizarre spoken performances. SEE TPOS 036.

          TPOS 020: "Mondo Absurdo: Celebrity Grossouts Vol. 1" by TELLY SAVALAS, SONNY BONO, LEONARD NIMOY, WINK MARTINDALE, WILLIAM SHATNER. 13 songs, 60 min. We don't know who told these guys they could sing, but they can't. What they do to songs like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" is beyond belief. See  TPOS 029 and 072.

          TPOS 022: VIOLENT CHILDREN "Rock Against Spindlers" 17 songs, 22 min. The band that spawned YOUTH OF TODAY. Straight-edge hardcore at it's best. See also TPOS 046.

          TPOS 023: BRIAN DOUGLAS CLEMONS "Rest in Peace" 45 min. Anarchist-addict on the skids, poet... troubling readings from the dark side of life. Includes guest  appearances from GG ALLIN. See also TPOS 033.

          TPOS 024: "Save Your Ass..." by WIDE AWAKE, THE FURORS, MALCOLM TENT plus 3 more. 19 songs, 60 min. Red hot music and spoken word recorded off the  Anthrax soundboard.

          TPOS 025: "...From Censorship" by A.P.P.L.E., SEIZURE, JELLO BIAFRA, etc. 23 songs, 60 min. Side one is live, side two is studio. Runnin commentary provided by Biafra on side two.

          TPOS 026: NO MILK ON TUESDAY "The Whining Ultimate" 23 songs, 60 min. Swan song collection from Connecticut hardcore originators.


          TPOS 029: "Mondo Absurdo: Celebrity Grossout Vol. 2" by BUDDY EBSEN, DONNY MOST, NANCY AND LEE, EVEL KNIEVEL, GEORGE "Goober" LINDSEY,  SENATOR SAME ERVIN, BOB "BENSON" GUILLAUME, BURT REYNOLDS, LARRY HAGMAN, ROSEY GRIER, GEORGE BURNS, BING CROSBY, TELLY SAVALAS. 18 songs, 60 min. The name says it all. More outrageous tunes from people who should have known better but didn't. See TPOS 020, 072.

          TPOS 031: 76% UNCERTAIN "Where's The Lid?" 27 songs, 60 mins. The final offering from a legendary, hard-working band. 11 of these songs are unreleased elsewhere. Recorded live from 1985 to 1989. All their LP's are out of print, so get this!

          TPOS 032: CHARLES MANSON "Saints Are Hell On Earth" 60 min. Originally recorded for SST in 1983 but never released. Singin' and playin' from America's celebrity  mass murderer. We released it first! See TPOS 015, 084 and 091.

          TPOS 034: REV. JIM JONES "Transcript Of Mass Suicide In Jonestown, Guayana" 45 min. Horrifying recording of the discussion between Jones and his followers as they contemplate and achieve mass suicide/murder.

          TPOS 036: EG THE POET "My Sacrificial Act" 90 min. Cassette $5.00, Double CD $12.00. More from lovable ol' EG. Life, love, bodily excretions, and cops who feed their wives through woodchippers. SPECIAL BONUS! EG get born again on the 700 Club's prayer line! See also TPOS 018.

          TPOS 041: "War Between The States: South" by ANTI-SEEN, RHYTHM PIGS, LANDLORDS, MAGGOT SANDWICH, ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, plus 17 more. 47 songs, 90 min. Cassette $5.00. Comp. from 1985, now on TPOS. Exclusive tracks from many famous, infamous and non-famous.

          TPOS 042: "War Between The States: North" by VERBAL ASSAULT, GG ALLIN, VATICAN COMMANDOS, SLOPPY SECONDS, URGE OVERKILL, plus 16 more. 44 songs, 90 min. Cassettes $5.00, double CD $12.00. Part two of the socko 1985 comp. As with part one, many tracks by essential artists that are unavailable elsewhere.

          TPOS 047: LETCH PATROL "Harris SAID I Could" 23 songs, 60 min. Kings of the New York Scum Scene. Material from their unreleased LP and from the "Worst Band In New York" conest at CBGB (they lost).

          TPOS 048: BUNNY BRAINS "Grab Bag" 3 tapes for $3.00, 5 for $4.00, 10 for $7.50. cd's $3.00 each. These freaks record an album a week. Now, at a low, low cost, you can follow the action. No two tapes are alike. All are packaged with dense crunch semi-imrpovised rockin' rollin' brain meltin' NOISE. Oh my god. SEE also TPOS 056, 061 and 071.

          TPOS 055: ALEISTER CROWLEY 23 min. Famous Satanist reads poetry and casts spells. Recorded from old acetate records, so the sound is a little rough. But hey, it's Crowley.

          TPOS 056: BUNNY BRAINS "Walking Through The 50 Foot Thick Styrofoam Wall". Since their main punch is live, TPOS offers you every single BUNNYBRAINS show ever recorded. No two are alike, so get as many as you want. See TPOS 048, 061, 071.

          TPOS 063: CHICK'N DUTY FAGET "Greased Wheezer" 20 songs, 46 min. That mama group to BUNNYBRAINS is even cruder and more ungodly. Really repulsive - includes bona fide live tracks featuring the sounds of audiences groaning with displeasure. Full color cover.

          TPOS 066: BB GUN "Lucky 4" 10 songs, 25 min tape. I, Malcolm Tent, wrote a rock opera. I got people from BUNNYBRAINS and LOAFMEISTER to play on it. Here it is. It's the best thing I've ever done.

          TPOS 067: MORBID OPERA 22 songs, 60 min. Members of THE EAT, ROACH MOTEL and PMS rumble with a female vampire in the Florida swamp. Punk goth core with a twist. Recorded between 1983-1989.

          TPOS 072: "Mondo Absurdo: Mae West vs. Davy Jones" 22 songs, 60 min. 2 wierd tastes that go strangely together. The complete LP's from these absurd heavyweights. So bizarre we could not edit them. See TPOS 020, 029.

          TPOS 078: "Mondo Absurdo Vol. 5: When The Crazy Meet The Dumb" 16 song, 45 min tape $3.50. Singing hypnotists, singing cnaries, singing satanists, fake psychedelics, and lots more round out this collection of truly marginal music.

          TPOS 084: "The Manson Family Sings The Songs Of Charles Manson" 13 songs, 45 min. Recorded in 1970. See also TPOS 015, 032, 091.

          TPOS 085: ABBIE HOFFMAN "Sings On His Friends" 14 songs, 50 min. Recorded in the early 70's, Abbie and the Yippies! play jug music and get down on a radio call-in show.

          TPOS 087: GG ALLIN. Here are some of our fave raves: "Singles Collection" 9 early singles collected in chronological order. 90 minutes $5.00. "You'll Never Tame Me/Eat My Fuc" his best one tape. 60 min. "Early Live" chaotic and raw. 4 complete shows. 60 min. Many other tapes/ CD's are available. Send for complete list. Make sure you're over 18.

          TPOS 090: REV. HOWARD FINSTER "A Great Sermon To The World" 60 min. Some good ol' backwoods preachin' laced with Finster's unique visions of other worlds from beyond the light of the sun. Is this why he was asked to leave the last church he pastored? Probably...

          TPOS 091: CHARLES MANSON "KALX Interview 1985" 90 min tape $5.00, double CD $12.00. One of his best interviews. Includes brief listener phone-in at end.

          TPOS 095: BLACK RAIN "Pattern Breeders" 6 song 30 min tape. Ex-MISSING FOUNDATION people that softened up the audience at GG ALLIN's last stand. Sounds like a 30 min explosion!

          TPOS 101: PEOPLE'S TEMPLE CHOIR "He's Able" 10 song 45 min. Pre-Jonestown recordings of Jim Joness choir from when the People's Temple was considered a  respectable church.

          TPOS 102: DAVID KORESH "Last Songs And Sermon" 60 min. Pretty acoustic religious tunes and a nice sermon from Koresh delivered from inside the Waco compound before he and his followers were murdered by the U.S. Government.

          TPOS 103: "Murderers" TED BUNDY, HENRY LEE LUCAS, KENNETH BIANCHI, EDMUND EMIL KEMPER 30 min. Discussions and confessions from these lovely people.

          TPOS 105: POPE cassette. 2 songs, 7 minutes $2.00. It's Neville the devil, terrorist guitar player for the BUNNYBRAINS exiled to Eire and fronting a new band. Abrasive and rockin'.

          TPOS 106: HARVEY SID FISHER "East Coast Live '95" 20 song, 90 min. cassette $5.00 When Harvey Sid recorded his album of astrology songs (one song for each sign of the zodiac), we at TPOS knew we had to work with him. Here's the result. Live renditions of all his astrological faves plus new topical tunes that will astonish. Limited edition of 100. See also TPOS 112.

          TPOS 111: BOBBY "British Shootfighting Series Vol.1" cassettes $3.50. The latest round of brutal club swinging speedcore from England's most dangerous coppers. It picks the victims up where the flexi dropped them off. Buy this cassettes or BOBBY will club you! See also TPOS 107 for more brutality.

          TPOS 115: FOLLOW THROUGH "Full Employment Benefit" cassette $3.50 CD $8.00. Connecticut's new school straight edge kings kick out the jams, brothers and sisters! It's 9 songs and 24 minutes long. Follow Through are no longer with us, but they turned into FEAR TOMORROW, so it's cool! Recorded off the board, sounds great! See also TPOS 116.

          TPOS 116: "It's A Verb" by FOLLOW THROUGH, UPFRONT, RAIN ON THE PARADE, VOICE OF REASON, TIME WILL TELL and FASTBREAK. 23 song CD $10.00. A totally live, in the raw, warts n' all document of CTHC 1998. All live recording exclusive to this release! See also TPOS 115.

          TPOS 117: DEMENTIA 13 "Instant Party With Dementia 13" 9 song, 24 minute cassette $3.50 CD $8.00. The mongrel bastard sons of the MUMMIES, SONICS, MYSTERIANS, and DWARVES will kill you and you will like it!

          TPOS 119: GG ALLIN "Singles Collection" 16 song CD $10.00. GG with the JABBERS. SCUMFUCS, and his early bands. Includes the original "Cheri Love Affair" single and other never before reissued, hard to find tunes.

          TPOS 121: THE PIST "Boat House" 13 song, 30 minute cassette $3.50 CD $8.00. The latest in the continuing series of TPOS live documents. Here's the legendary PIST taped in 1996 in full fury! Recorded from the board, so you know it sounds good.


     Videos: (All videos are North American fromat. $10.00 each. All come in hard cases with printed inserts and labels, except 061, which comes in printed cardboard boxes.)

          TPOS 033: BRIAN DOUGLAS CLEMONS "Rest In Peace" 40 min. BDC shoots up, nods out, takes his pants off, reads his poetry from the bottom of a dumpster, and gets his brains beaten out by GG Allin. All in one video. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO ORDER THIS VIDEO. See TPOS 023.

          TPOS 045: EG THE POET "Eg Lays A Chicken" 45 min. Ingredients include a frozen dead chicken, a roadkill gopher stuffed into a pinata, a baby carriage filled with pasta, and a hostile audience/ Filmed live at one of the clubs he's been banned from. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO ORDER THIS VIDEO. See TPOS 018, 036.

          TPOS 046: VIOLENT CHILDREN "Warren's Gorgeous Dome" 17 min. Pro shot, pro edited footage of Connecticut's seminal hardcore band. Lost for 6 years, it's back and remastered for optimum quality. See TPOS 022.

          TPOS 061: BUNNYBRAINS "TV Smelter" $3.00 each. Now live the dream. Visual evidence of the Greatest Show On Earth. No tow are alike, so order plenty. See TPOS 048, 056, 071.

          TPOS 074: "Yule Log Mayhem" 120 minute VHS video $10.00. Our own version of the traditional Yule Log with very untraditional things thrown into the fire and a soundtrack of the best stuff from our Christmas cassettes.

          TPOS 088: GG ALLIN videos. Many different performances available from the late yet redoubtable Mr. Allin. Again, please insure that you are at least 18 years of age before requesting the complete list.


     8-Track Cartridges: (To heck with CD's that are made to wear out and sound lousy to begin with. We at TPOS are bringing back the only format that matters. Each TPOS 8-track cartridge is lovingly hand crafted from virgin tape stock (when possible) and conatins EXCLUSIVE BONUS CUTS UNAVAILABLE ON ANY OTHER FORMAT! We know you have an old reliable 8-Track player gathering dust somewhere. Put it to use. 8 Tracks are A PAIN IN THE BUTT TO MAKE. They take a long time to splice, degauss, and thread and have a very high failure rate during recording. Therefore, they cost 8.00 each.

          TPOS 009-8: "Music To Kills Brain Cells" 33 songs, 90 min. Now it's back - the original, ultra-rare (5 copies made on cassette) version of the most stupor-inducing comp ever. Only on 8 Track, natch.

          TPOS 022-8: VIOLENT CHILDREN "Rock Against Spindlers" 17 songs, 45 min.. Contains bonus interview from WPKN in 1984.

          TPOS 026-8: NO MILK ON TUESDAY "The Whining Ultimate" 33 songs, 90 min . 11 cuts from their out of print single and their last ever show round out this unlimited edition non-collector's item.

          TPOS 031-8: 76% UNCERTAIN "Where's The Lid?" 44 songs, 90 min . Bonus cuts include rare REFLEX FROM PAIN and C.I.A tunes, unreleased demos, and outtakes from the original edit of "Where's The Lid?"

          TPOS 032-8: CHARLES MANSON "Saints Are Hell On Earth" 90 min. Contains 30 extra minutes from the same session.

          TPOS 038-8: ANTI-SEEN "Conquers The North" 11 songs, 40 min. The out of print 7" plus awesome live cuts from the show the 7" was recorded at.

          TPOS 047-8: LETCH PATROL "Harris SAID I Could" 30 songs, 75 min . Continuing in the grand consumerist tradition, we've crammed this baby with 7 additional cuts, including their long lost 1985 demo and a mystery track starring a mystery celebrity.

          TPOS 048-8: BUNNY BRAINS "Grab Bag"  each just like the cassettes only 8 tracks. Compound the noise with format.

          TPOS 093-8: GG ALLIN + THE CAROLINA SHITKICKERS "Layin' Up WIth Linda" 8 Track Cartridge . The 7" plus 8 instrumental bonus cuts available nowhere else.

          TPOS 108-8: DROP DEAD "8Track Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes" 8 Track Cartridge. 90 minutes, more than 100 songs. The complete discography with many, many bonus cuts that of course appear nowhere else.

          TPOS 117-8: DEMENTIA 13 8 Track . At least 4 extra songs and at least 11 extra minutes to play in a loop at your next masquerade.


     INCITE tapes: (INCITE tapes contain forbidden and incendiary knowledge. We at TPOS do not necessarily endorse everything heard on INCITE tapes, but we think they are worth checking out and doing your homework on.

     Audio tapes/ CD's are $1.00, video tapes are $3.00.

          INC 1: JELLO BIAFRA on censorship audio

          INC 2: ABBIE HOFFMAN 1982 audio speech

          INC 3: JOHN STOCKWELL secret wars of the CIA audio

          INC 4: Bill Cooper, JFK, UFO's, New World Order audio

          INC 5: "Hemp For Victory" video-

          INC 6: "Nowhere To Hide" the truth behind the Persian Gulf War video

          INC 7: "Beyond The Persian Gulf" more unheard facts about the Persian Gulf War. 3 audio cassettes $3.00

          INC 8: Malcolm X speaks audio

          INC 9: BILL COOPER, JFK assassination footage video

          INC 10: "The Panama Deception" Oscar winning documentary on the U.S. invasion of Panama video.







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