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Here's a collection of articles and video clips about Trash American Style. All authentic, none (but one) commissioned by us. Enjoy!


AWAKE LIVE AT TRASH-  Florida straight edge from 1990.

CLSTRFCK LIVE AT TRASH- watch Lauren lay down the law.

CT INDIE- a nice lil' interview with Malcolm.

DANBURY NEWS- TIMES- nice article on our temporary return to brick 'n' mortar in 2009.

I NEED THAT RECORD (PART ONE)- Brendon Toller's undoubtedly awesome documentary about independent record stores in the USA.

I NEED THAT RECORD (PART TWO)- more of Brendon Toller's undoubtedly awesome documentary about independent record stores.

INVISIBLE ORANGES- Trash mentioned in a "desert island disc" article.

JERE SMITH'S BLOG- just a little something.

KING SEXY LIVE AT TRASH 2006- words cannot describe it.


MY SIDE LIVE AT TRASH 1990- remember straight edge? We do!

QUIZTRON- we're in a quiz! I didn't score very well, though.

RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE- A fine article on our friend DJ Phatslobb (with a couple of Trash mentions). Here's part two.

TRASH TV COMMERCIAL-  guaranteed to rot your brain.

VISTA FANZINE-  John Vista asks all the right questions. Malcolm supplies a few answers.

WASTED DAYS TV- Larry Ransom's cool video about the record collecting disease. 

YELP- we suspect Mike Muldoon's in here somewhere.



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