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After 18 years in the same location, we got screwed out of our lease and we no longer have a store. But that's OK, because we love to travel. The Trash American Style Mobile Mart is now in full effect! We'll be bringing an assortment of our funky coolness to the following locations. Some dates will have both Kathy + Malcolm with their respective specialties and some dates will be one of us or the other. We specialize in special orders so if you want us to bring something for you, email your request below. Please note that all dates are subject to change. We'll try to warn you.

7/13/14: Elephant's Trunk Flea Market, New Milford CT. We'll be set up from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM (more or less), weather permitting.

7/20/14: Random Compassion Fest, Danbury

7/26/14: Poster + Vinyl Show, Newburgh, NY





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